Latest Trends in High Performance Wheels

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High performance wheels are used for racing and other types of sports that require a vehicle to have the highest maneuverability possible. The latest trends in high performance wheels represent a cutting edge in automotive technology. With new advances in materials, people are finding that they can have their cake and eat it too as far as weight and durability is concerned.
For instance, molded rubber with carbon fiber reinforcement has been shown to be quite strong for its weight and provides great aerodynamics due to its shape and depth. This type of wheel also does not heat up like metal does when cruising on the highway for long periods of time so rubber can better maintain its elasticity over time without becoming brittle or cracking.
The newest advancements in materials for car wheels have been made possible by the advent and development of carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber has been used as an element in bicycle frames for decades, but there are now efforts underway to use carbon fiber as a replacement for metal piping in cars and airplanes. This could save weight and improve fuel efficiency while also enhancing performance because of this material’s rigidity and strength at high temperatures. Carbon Fiber can be produced at low cost because it is easy to manufacture with automated processes that do not require much more than human labor and electricity;
Carbon Fiber is not easily moldable, so must be used in woven form. Carbon fiber is a strong material made by weaving together many thin strands of fabric, typically from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) polymer. Carbon fiber is light, rigid, and resistant to chemical corrosion. However, it also transmits sound poorly so often needs sound-damping material added to it.
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