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The stock tires on most ATVs are designed to perform reasonably well in all types of terrain. Like any part, tires are bound to wear out and need replacing, but what to get to replace the stockers without losing performance in varied types of trails? Fear not! The best all-terrain ATV tires come in a wide range of styles and price points, meaning you can get some replacement rubber for your machine and get back to riding anywhere and everywhere.

We’ve already covered the topic of all-terrain tires for UTVs, which you can read about here. But ATVs and UTVs differ in their size, power and handling characteristics, so we thought it was high time we shared our thoughts on some of the best all-terrain ATV tires available.

Whether you are looking for tires for your work machine, knobbies for your Sport quad, or you are trying to build the ultimate mudding ATV or rock crawler, you want tires designed for your needs and the terrain you ride. We try to cover as many bases as possible in this article as we showcase 10 of the best ATV tires available today – from ultra affordable to the flagship offerings from the top manufacturers in the industry.

1. Sedona Buck Snort

We became very fond of these tires for all-terrain use when we reviewed them recently. They have a tough six-ply carcass and a fun deer hoof tread pattern that grips as well as it looks. Those lugs are also siped to further improve traction and durability. They ride smooth and work across a variety of terrains, while a built-in rim guard helps protect the wheel. As of this writing, you can pick them up in 25-inch and 27-inch sizes.

Probably the most popular tire for both OEM applications and as an aftermarket replacement, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires are a truly great all-terrain tire. They ride smooth and are extremely durable thanks to Maxxis’ rubber compounds and six-ply construction. With a wide range of sizes available, you can get a set for just about any ATV. They are also lighter than the original Bighorn design, meaning more of your engine’s power will get to the ground. We put together an in depth feature on the Bighorn tire family, which you can read here. Needless to say, these are among the best all-terrain ATV tires available

3. Budget Pick: Kenda Bear Claw

Kenda makes extremely durable tires that can be had for a significant savings over some other brands. Better still, these are tried and true tires that work in a wide range of terrain types. The Bear Claw tires have a directional tread pattern that digs into mud, snow, dirt and more, making them a true all-terrain beast. Six-ply construction makes them tough, too. In our opinion, these are among the best ATV tires you can get in this price range

4. ITP Mud Lite AT

ITP took one of its mud tire tread designs and muted it slightly to make it more all-terrain friendly. The result is a great tire that hooks up well in a wide range of terrains. This makes it a great replacement tire for your ATV. The Mud Lite AT has a tread depth of ¾ of an inch and has tough six-ply construction. Best yet is the price. This is an affordable tire option that isn’t scared of a little mud.

5. ITP Holeshot HD

Sport ATVs wear through tires pretty quick, but finding suitable replacements can be a little tricky, with many tire companies not developing much in that area any more. One tire that has been around for a long time is still readily available is the ITP Holeshot HD – a sturdy version of the original Holeshot design. It will hold up well to serious all-terrain ATV use, with a sturdy six-ply construction. It’s hard to come up with a better all-terrain ATV tire for Sport quads

6. Sedona Mud Rebel

Another mud terrain tire that has been found to be an outstanding all-terrain ATV tire, the Sedona Mud rebel has directional tread and a sturdy six-ply carcass. The directional tread gives the Rebel outstanding handling and steering control in any terrain. The sidewall tread makes it handle deep ruts and loose conditions with ease. And prices start around $70, which is very solid value

7. Tusk Terrabite

The eight-ply, radial Terrabite from Tusk make for great all-terrain ATV tires. The tread pattern was inspired by the tread found on many of our trucks with deep center lugs and grippy sidewall tread to help with ruts and loose soil. Being sturdily built, these tires can handle anything you can throw at them, and the wide range of available sizes make these a great choice for any ATV

8. Carlisle AT489C

You may not recognize the name of this tire, but you undoubtedly know the tire itself. The Carlisle AT489C is is a popular OEM tire for companies like Polaris. It is a good, cheap all-terrain tire that holds up quite well. If you have these tires and want to replace them with the same thing, it’s not a bad choice at all

9. GBC Dirt Devil

The Dirt Devil has been GBC’s best seller for many years. It is a directional tread, all-terrain tire that works well with a wide range of ATVs. GBC’s goal was a tire that can handle soft and hard-pack dirt, light mud and snow and gravel with ease and still provide a smooth ride. The proof is in the longevity in this tire. It’s one of the best ATV tires in the industry

10. Best Rough Terrain Tire: Maxxis Coronado

The Coronado is an eight-ply radial tire that was designed for extremely tough terrain types. This makes it one of the best all-terrain ATV tires. The front and rear designs are perfectly matched to provide precise steering and great handling, no matter how brutal the trail gets. And stepped lugs feature a long-wearing compound that is ideal for loose-over-hard dessert terrain.

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Carlos G. Hill

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